Störungen am CAN Bus durch OBDII Adapter

Alles, was mit dem Auslesen des CAN-Busses über den ODB2-Port zu tun hat (Scannen, OVMS und DashDAQ)
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Störungen am CAN Bus durch OBDII Adapter

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You have been warned ... :mrgreen:

"For everything from saving on automobile insurance to connecting aftermarket cruise control, there are now a number of devices that owners plug into the Data Link Connector (DLC), or Assembly Line Diagnostic Link (ALDL). However, any unauthorized device connected to the DLC may cause a variety of hard-to-diagnose conditions.

Many of the problems caused by devices connected to the DLC are communication issues on the High Speed Controller Area Network (HSCAN) bus. An additional issue with diagnosing these conditions is that many times the device itself may be removed by customers when their vehicle is brought in for service.

Many possible problems are caused by an open connection on the HSCAN bus. For example, if the device only makes connection with one CAN +, it will cause bus errors and strange control module behavior.

Known Symptoms

The various issues described by customers with their vehicles are often related to high- or low-speed data bus traffic. The conditions can be extremely varied, but some known issues are:

• Radio will not turn off after turning off the vehicle

• Bus or LAN traffic stays active, leading to a discharged battery

• Problems reprogramming control modules either because of interference or the device will not allow the bus to power down

• Interference with OnStar’s ability to provide diagnostic data

• Engine and transmission performance issues with the Check Engine light on

• Intermittent stalling

• Reduced power DIC messages and DTCs

• StabiliTrak DIC messages and DTCs

• DTC C0561 (System Disabled Information Stored Invalid Data) in the Electronic Brake Control Module (EBCM) leading to a traction control issue

• No High Speed LAN communication along with various DTC communication U-codes

• Transmission will not shift for one key cycle (TCM in default mode)

• Instrument cluster gauges erratic or flickering

• Service Engine Soon or Check Engine MIL illuminated and numerous DTC communication codes such as U0100 (Lost Communication With Engine Control Module), U0101 (Lost Communication With Transmission Control Module), U186B (Electronic Brake Control Module Lost Communication with Transmission Control Module) and U1862.

• Diesel power-up devices resulting in no power in 4WD Low range

• Service Tire Pressure Monitor System MIL illuminated; cannot relearn the Tire Pressure Monitor System

• Hybrid issues regarding reduced propulsion power DIC messages and service high voltage charging system DIC messages"


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